Tallying Up Election Night Results

Click the above image to download Election Night Results spreadsheet so you can track results throughout the evening.

By Jim Ellis — Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022

Decision time is here — when the results of the Senate, House and Gubernatorial races start getting tallied.

I’ve worked up a spreadsheet (Election Night Results Charts) that contains three spreadsheets for the election: Senate, House, and Governor.

Here’s how you can keep a running tally: The competitive races are listed first on the individual spreadsheets (click through each of them on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet). The design allows you to follow the races of your choosing, or all of them, with a column to tabulate Democratic and Republican wins. Just place a 1 in the box when a race is projected under the winner’s party, and the spreadsheet will do a running tally. The Winners list on the Senate and governors’ races, found below the competitive group are what should be the non-competitive contests. If an upset occurs, then you can move that race to the competitive list.

In the Senate, the Democrats will reach 51 seats by winning 6 of the 14 competitive races. Republicans must win 9 of the 14.

In the House, 89 races are listed on the spreadsheet. Democrats must win 55 of these 89 races to retain control. Republicans take the majority with wins in any 35 of these races. Again, this assumes that no other race pops up from the group of 346 that are considered non-competitive.

In the governors’ races, the national majority is largely irrelevant.

In the column labeled EST Close, the listed numbers are the poll closing times for the various states under Eastern Standard Time.

It should be an interesting night!

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