Walker’s First Ad Inaugurates 2016 Presidential Campaign Season

Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker (R) appears to be the first unofficial national candidate to release a video promoting what looks to be the underpinnings of a 2016 presidential campaign; and, the piece is not your typical soft bio ad.

Gov. Walker’s affiliated “Our American Revival” political organization is promoting a two-minute film that challenges President Obama and presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The attack message also appears to include the Republican congressional leadership when railing against “failed Washington leaders.”

The video piece clearly outlines what will undoubtedly be Walker’s theme as he begins to construct a 2016 campaign. That is, “local vs. Washington.” The ad highlights the states as “incubators of reform,” and contrasts Walker’s Wisconsin record to Washington’s “government dependency.”

The message also says that our future solutions will not be found “in the past,” just as Hillary Clinton’s picture comes into view. But, there is also a veiled message that potential Republican nomination opponents such as Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are also included in that swipe.

It appears that Gov. Walker is already off to a fast start, going for an early break out within the tier of lesser-known candidates. This video represents a solid first step from the Wisconsin chief executive, while likely ruffling a few feathers within the Republican establishment – an intended result, no doubt.

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