The Results

Most of the election results are in, and we will have a full analysis later in the day. But the big story is the Republicans easily taking the House majority, gaining more than 60 seats. It appears that three committee chairmen, Reps. John Spratt (D-SC-5), Jim Oberstar (D-MN-8), and Ike Skelton (D-MO-4), were defeated at the polls. At least 50 incumbents were unseated with as many as six races left to be decided.

In the Senate, Democrats held the majority with Colorado and Washington still outstanding. The Alaska winner may still be unclear, but it will be a Republican.

In the Governors races, Republicans gained at least six states, with two, Oregon and Connecticut still left to be decided.

A full analysis will be posted when more of the statistics and final results are tabulated and become known later today.

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