“The President” Admonishes Georgia Rep. Kingston in Ad

Approaching the half-way point in the Georgia Senate Republican run-off, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA-1) has released a second ad in what now appears to be a series of messages that use a President Obama impersonator. In the primary, the campaign showed pictures of Obama on the phone as if he were leaving a voice mail for Rep. Kingston. The crux of the message has “Obama” telling the south Georgia congressman that he (Obama) doesn’t want him in the Senate.

The new ad plays upon the same theme, though this time “the president” tells Kingston that he wants his opponent, former Dollar General CEO David Perdue, to win the race. “Obama” commends Perdue for voting for tax increases, accepting the stimulus money for his business, and for supporting the “amnesty” bill, something “Obama” tells Kingston that he (Kingston) killed.

The Kingston ads were the subject of much discussion during the primary. They were unusual in the fact that most of the ads disparaged the candidate for being cheap, while the ending concept featured his kids complaining that they were not allowed to spend any money while growing up. The ads appeared to do well in south Georgia, a region where Kingston swept his way into the run-off, but he fared poorly with them in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This new Obama voice mail ad seems to strike a better chord than its predecessor.

Currently, all post-primary polling projects Rep. Kingston to a discernible lead over Perdue. We’ll see if this new “Obama call” ad improves his position even more.

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