Craig James: A “Texas Patriot” for Senate

Craig James is an ESPN college football analyst. Prior to his career in television, James starred for five years with the New England Patriots NFL football club, playing on their 1985 Super Bowl team. In college, he started at running back for Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Yesterday, he announced that he would enter the US Senate race as a Republican, hoping to succeed retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The James campaign is starting from scratch in an election that still could be held on March 6. Chances are that the US Supreme Court staying the implementation of the congressional and state legislative redistricting plans will delay the primary considerably, probably until May 22, and that will give James more time to mount a serious campaign effort.

His obstacle is to overcome Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who is clearly the front-runner for not only the nomination, but the seat itself in November. The earlier primary date favors the current statewide office holder as polls show he is in position to win outright, thus avoiding a run-off election with his closest competitor. The later date will give James and the other two top contenders, Dallas former Mayor Tom Leppert and ex-Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz, more time to attempt to force Dewhurst into the secondary election.

The courts are indicating that the primary decision likely will be made on or before Jan. 12, leading almost everyone to believe that all Texas primary balloting will be moved. Curiously, they are letting candidate filing begin on Friday, but will give potential candidates more time to enter the race once the primary schedule and district boundaries are finalized.


  1. Starred at SMU??? LOL How about helped Kill SMU??? This is the only guy to ruin TWO college football teams. Craig James running for Senate. What a hoot! Can’t wait until he starts getting out amongst the people so he can see just how truly hated he is! At least he’ll be off ESPN!

  2. Craig James and his likely run for the U.S. Senate shows why citizens need to exercise vigilance. For the last two years anyone who has questioned his role in the Mike Leach fiasco has been told to move on. Kent Hance and the rest of the good old boys at Texas Tech did not want anyone talking about Craig James or his son, Texas Tech wide receiver Adam James. The public was told to move on; it was time to put the past behind them.

    Does it really matter what happened at Texas Tech in 2009 between Craig James and Mike Leach? Yes, it does. It shows a pattern. As an employee of a powerful sports media company, Craig James used his influence to smear the reputation of former Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach.

    If Craig James will use his influence as a broadcaster to accomplish his personal goals, what would he use as a sitting United States Senator? How many people could potentially have their lives ruined because the people of Texas, and Texas Tech supporters particularly, failed to exercise due vigilance? No one in the Lubbock media wanted to talk about Craig James. Now, he will most likely run for the U.S. Senate.

    It is time to stop. It is not time to move on. The citizens of the great state of Texas need to take a good, long look at Craig James and his life to this point. Texans need a full accounting of what his role in the demise of the SMU football program was. Texans need a full accounting of exactly what his level of involvement at Texas Tech was. Texans need to ask themselves if this is really the kind of man they want representing them. If the answer to that question is no, then Texans need to ask why they and the media have been so asleep at the switch.

    “Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty.” – Ida B. Wells

  3. I will do everything in my power to educate the constitutes of his actions. he was one of the players that was on the take and brought the death penalty to SMU. He selfishly felled to fire the head coach of a Division 1 college program, shamelessly using his post wt ESPN to do so; because his son was the laziest receiver on the team. James had political and business ties to the chancellor of Texas Tech Kent Hance and there are
    tons of substantiated evidence to his culpability in the wrongful firing of a man just doing his job within the articles of his contract. we do not need another lying, line your pockets first politician in Texas. afire
    No for Clown James…

  4. Cold day in hell before I vote for this dishonorable,narcissistic blow hard who presents himself as a self righteous Christian who brought false witness on another mans job and had him fired.His reputation precedes him.Craig James is a delusional man thinking he can win a vote in Texas.I would rather vote for a Democrat and I’m a conservative.. ,

  5. Craig James is far from a patriot. He was a player who’s wrong doings brought the “death penalty” to SMU a couple of decades ago. More recently, he chose to use his ESPN microphone and influence to distort facts which resulted in the firing of Mike Leach from the head coach position of Texas Tech University. Many stories of conspiracy and bad blood surround James about his involvement in the firing of Leach, and until
    all the facts are known, James should not be considered a viable candidate for any office within the Great State of Texas. He is the harbinger of death to football programs. we don’t need him to bring Texas down when he doesn’t get his way in office.

  6. A “Texas Patriot”? I think not! He is extremely disliked in Texas and I for one do not want him representing Texas. He has been nothing but a shame and disgrace on the great state of Texas. He can be bought off easy so the only way he can win if he has some crooked backers that have agenda they want him to help with after elected. In fact, I would hate to be as hated as that man is and I for one have quit watching ESPN becasue I do not want to chance having to get a glimmpse of him.

  7. I haven’t voted for a Democrat in a long time, but this would be an excellent time to do it again. Or for a Libertarian or any candidate running against this arrogant egomaniac.

  8. Texas is bigger than to put a weasel in office to represent them. He is a loser and I am glad he is Texas’s problem and not Oklahoma’s.

  9. Add my vote to the column for anyone but James. He ruined to Texas football programs and still thinks he has a shot. I am also offended that as a 5th generation Texan, you are calling James a patriot. He should quit before he really ruins Texas.

  10. Craig James is an scheming liar and person of very low character. I hope he does run so he can find out what the people of Texas actually do think of him.

  11. Craig James is a lying, power-hungry, conniving man. I guess that means he would fit in well with other politicians, but he is nowhere near electable in Texas. The fact that he even thinks he has a chance is testimony to his ridiculous ego! He makes me, and my fellow patriotic Texans, very sick!!

  12. I honestly pray that people will research this man before casting a vote for him. Uninformed voters are dangerous! Check out the facts, search for the truth, before you vote!
    I personally greatly resent his interference in the Texas Tech/Mike Leach fiasco, and I do not want anyone with such lack of character who was willing to defame another person and ruin a college’s athletic program for his own agenda to represent my State!

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