The Ellis Insight

THE ELLIS INSIGHT publication and election analysis platform is a service of Weber Merritt Public Affairs For the past eight years, Jim Ellis distributed his daily political columns through the Performance Results International Strategic Management firm (PRIsm), where he was a Senior Consultant.

The alliance between Weber Merritt and the new Ellis Insight is designed to expand electoral analysis capability and offer existing and future clients a combined dimension of political and public affairs information.
With one of the most unique and exciting presidential campaigns in American history set to begin, there is no better time for our new strategic alliance to increase our campaign analysis output both in terms of coverage volume and media presence.

Who will be the next president? Will Hillary Clinton be seriously challenged in the Democratic primaries? Who will emerge for the Republicans? Will the GOP be forced to endure a brokered convention? How will the relevant Senate and House campaigns develop?

We will tackle these and many other important questions during the next two years. We look forward to serving you.