The Ellis Insight service understands your need for clear, concise political analysis and your responsibility to communicate about political happenings with your leadership and members.

While major news sources inundate your clients with differing opinions, The EI can arm you with the most precise data and election analysis during the off-year and on-year election period.

Through a series of reports, detailed spreadsheets, and political information messages, we provide relevant, timely analysis of the entire 2016 election cycle from start to finish.

Included in the family of Ellis Insight services are:

  • Election Analysis – providing overviews and insights into individual congressional and statewide political campaigns on a limited and unlimited basis.
  • Newsletter Stories and Updates – providing you customized articles for your individual newsletters and/or PAC websites on a daily, monthly, or quarterly schedule.
  • Polling Report – a cumulative statistical bi-weekly update of the publicly released electoral surveys that give insight into the key 2016 campaigns.
  • Update Charts – a series of spreadsheets to chart the Senate, House, and gubernatorial campaigns throughout the election cycle from both a horse race and financial perspective.
  • Weekly Synopsis – a short recap of the major developments in the key 2016 Senate, House and gubernatorial campaigns. A heavy emphasis is placed upon an evolving candidate field and the latest publicly released polling data.
  • Election Briefings – a series of pre and post-election reports delivered immediately before and after the 2016 vote.

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