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The Ellis Insight objective is to maximize your ability to communicate regularly with important clients, company officers, and members to build an even stronger and more positive reputation. Our commitment provides cutting edge research and political evaluation. Our election analysis and membership communication services give you an expert eye to arm key clients and contacts with the best available political data.

Election Analysis

The EI’s election analysis leads to more efficient spending of the always-scarce political dollar. How? Because we provide the information you need to better determine which candidates to support. We supply the freshest, most insightful material about the upcoming important federal and state gubernatorial campaigns, including what promises to be a crucial 2016 presidential election season.

It is the Ellis Insight’s customized analysis that separates us from the rest of the political information industry. YOU decide which campaigns to examine and WHEN. Simply email or call us with your request for a specific campaign analysis. We’ll send you back the most updated information.

Membership Communication

It is always an uphill challenge to supply your clients or members with important and timely political information. As the number of news sources continues to grow, your supporters are undoubtedly finding it necessary to rely on you for political data they can trust. The EI sets the standard for fast, attention-grabbing, and accurate news and analysis. We’ll deliver the valuable original content that keeps your clients and members engaged.

Our membership communication service helps you provide interesting political analysis consistently and regularly. Our options range from daily, monthly, or quarterly in-depth articles or snippets, all of which you can use as you desire. We’ll work with you to craft the right communication plan and fee structure to meet your unique needs.


Every organization is distinctive and therefore possesses different needs and requirements. The Ellis Insight is designed exclusively for you.
Since every company and industry is special we work with you to develop a customized information package that provides you the edge. Through our flexible pricing structure, you can obtain the needed material for a fee within your budget.

Subscribing to the EI will help increase the size of your membership and continually reward your most loyal and important supporters. Please email Jim at jim@ellisinsight.com.

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