For two decades, Weber Merritt founders Jim Weber and Bernie Merritt have provided their clients with the highest value, most effective grassroots advocacy campaigns available. Operating well beyond traditional grassroots and grasstops, WM offers their clients full-service media relations, social media and video production to ensure full and comprehensive campaigns down to the local level. They believe in campaigns driven by strategy with keen attention paid to focus, and efficient use of available client resources.

Targeting for advocacy campaigns is central to this ideal of focus and efficient use of resources. WM has a long history of helping their clients to understand the subtleties of good advocacy campaign targeting. Nothing is more critical to effective targeting than to have complete and current understanding of the politics of any individual state or district.

WM’s partnership with Jim Ellis ensures that their clients get the best targeting counsel available, on a real-time basis. Jim Ellis’s direct communication with knowledgeable pols on the ground and around the country affords WM the ability to develop grassroots advocacy and coalition campaigns that truly reflect and take advantage of the politics of the day, as opposed to most groups that rely on past voter behavior for insights. Understanding the past is no doubt useful…but having knowledge of the present is actionable. That’s the critical difference the WM/Ellis partnership offers.

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